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Authencity Guarantee

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Authenticity Guarantee

Art Alive sources the works directly from the artists or only from reputable and reliable sources. The works are put up for sale only after these are screened and authenticated by our experts.
Art Alive gives an assurance that each piece of art on sale from Art Alive Gallery is a genuine and original work. Each sold work is accompanied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity that carries full details of the work, its picture and a laser numbered hologram, and wherever possible, a picture of the work signed by the artist or its provenance.

Certificate of Authenticity

Art Alive follows a unique and foolproof procedure of securing the originality of the works. For each work, two sets of holograms with a unique number are generated. One hologram is affixed on the Certificate of Authenticity and the other on the back of the canvas or base of the sculpture, as the case may be. These holograms have been imprinted with the signature of the Gallery Director and are technologically unique as these cannot be duplicated. Because of their tamper evident quality, no hologram can be lifted and pasted on any other work or surface as the hologram destroys itself if tampered with.