Indian Abstract Paintings

Indian Abstract Paintings

“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes.” ―Arshile Gorky

Indian Abstract Paintings at Art Alive Gallery

Free flowing, borderless and unconventional, abstract art can largely be defined as art that does not represent an accurate characterization of visual reality but attempts to depict the same using a variety of visual cues such as colours, forms, shapes and gestures. The visual effect created by this kind of art is highly non-representational and in a certain way, distanced from the literal reality.

Today, abstraction has taken many forms in the art scene throughout the world. Abstract expressionism emerged as a trend in the Indian art circuits. Many established as well as young abstract artists came to the forefront as Indian abstract painting took shape through the years.

Art Alive Gallery has always believed in representing various forms of contemporary art and has exhibited many Indian abstract paintings through its contemporary art program. Throughout the years, Art Alive Gallery has hosted and showcased many Indian abstract paintings by renowned abstract artists as well as young abstract artists.

The expansive collection of Indian abstract paintings at Art Alive Gallery looks at a variety of mediums and forms ranging from acrylic and oil on canvas to mixed media to sculptural artworks.The Gallery hosts a vast collection of Indian abstract paintings by master artists like S.H. Raza and Akkitham Narayanan who chose geometrical abstraction as their medium of expression.

In addition to that, the Gallery collection also boasts of Indian abstract paintings by younger contemporaries like S HarshaVardhana whose canvases are largely dominated by abstract forms taking shape through heavy textures and plain colours. The artist plays with colours through his myriad layers, a sense of depth is created which gets exhibited in a spiritual and impressionistic form.

The creative strokes of these established artists also motivated many young abstract artists to explore the theme of abstraction. Promising young abstract artists like Purvai Rai are part of the contemporary art program of Art Alive Gallery that caters to young collectors that are looking to build a larger and meaningful collection over time.

Whether it is a new collector or a seasoned collector, Art Alive Gallery hosts a vast range of Indian abstract paintings for everyone.More recently, Art Alive Gallery hosted its show Patterns of Intensity where it showcased works by many young abstract artists like Purvai Rai, Kaushik Saha and Barkha Gupta among others. Art Alive Gallery is a pioneer in exhibiting contemporary art and you can find a vast range of Indian abstract paintings here.

The art form has only evolved and today there are many young abstract artists in the Indian art circuit. Be it paintings by renowned masters or younger contemporaries, Art Alive Gallery has it all.

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