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TAAF is a private trust that aims to support the creation and presentation of contemporary work. in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, new media, literature, film, architecture and design.

TAAF would initiate, support and present art projects of creative merit and cultural resonance. It secks to identify and promote creative ventures and to sponsor work that challenges its audience. with new ways of perception.

TAAF is also committed to providing support for provocative and innovative projects representing a convergence of disciplines that are interdisciplin: ary or collaborative in format.

TAAFs mission is to chronicle, exhibit and advance the rich art and culture of India. TAA would foster and enable artistic and scholarly pursuits through a wide range of activities. It would showcase the rich legacy and continuing accomplishment in the visual arts in India. It would organise lectures, seminars, exhibitions and workshops for promoting Indian art


TAAF will be publishing books, pamphlets and portfolios of artistic, literary and educational nature. It will also cooperate with other institutions, foundations and museums in the production of books, organising shows, producing films and other presentations in visual media.

The foundation would also offer grants and commissions to deserving contemporary artists from all over India, Young talented artists will also. be awarded by an advisory committee of renowned critics and artists.

As an independent non-profit organisation, TAAF would act both responsively and proactively, applying resources in the most effective a manner as possible.

Promoting and celebration the creative arts
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