Text By Ranjit Hoskote, Curatorial Adviser

Published by: Art Alive Gallery

Hardbound, 245 pages

Inches :

12 x 9.5

Cms :

30.48 x 24.13



SKU: P0017-1


Rs 8,000.00
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Life. Soul. Games. is an illustrated publication featuring works of three renowned artists, master artists Sakti Burman and Maite Delteil whose legacy Maya Burman is taking forward. The book features a collection of the artists’ recent works who have a shared cultural heritage of French and Indian roots with text by renowned poet and cultural theorist Mr. Ranjit Hoskote.

Sakti Burman: Sakti Burman has been profoundly nourished by his immersion in Europe and its long tradition of art, reaching back across the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic and Modernist phases.

Maite Delteil: Maité Delteil paintings are perceived to be enactments of the profound gesture of blessing. They affirm the principle of vitality, resilience, of the glory of an earth in which humankind accepts its role as patient gardener rather than brutal expropriator.

Maya Burman: Maya Burman's paintings evolve from a buoyant interplay of architecture & landscape. Gardens trail into interiors and brickwork arches frame forests, even as a parade of children animates the pictorial space with intimations of dance and music.

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