AN ENCHANTING JOURNEY : Paresh Maity’s Kerala

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AN ENCHANTING JOURNEY : Paresh Maity’s Kerala


Inches :

15 x 12

Cms :

38.1 x 30.48

ISBN 978-81-901844-7-2


SKU: P0005


Rs 8,000.00
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Kerala’s beauty has found expression in some of the world’s most popular works including books, films and paintings. ‘An Enchanting Journey’ is another tribute to God’s Own Country by one of the finest artists of our time, Paresh Maity – a painter who believes in the all pervasiveness of nature and yearns to understand more and more about nature. In this visual travelogue that is as much about self-discovery as story telling, the artist unveils some of the most endearing and refreshing works on God’s Own Country. Providing the perfect accompaniment to this visual journey are the photographs of Nemai Ghosh - celebrated for his stills of Satyajit Ray's films and the text by Kerala-born Ravi Shankar, one of India’s renowned political cartoonists and writers.


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