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“I just saw the painting- it’s superb -I’m very happy -thank you so much”

Rashesh shah, Mumbai

“I have hung only one painting ‘Jagath Janani’ in my dining area. The rest will do in the weekend.I am very happy about the packing done so professionally. Thanks for enquiring”

Padma, Chennai

“Received the painting . Delighted with it . The frame also compliments the work nicely. Thank you”

Aug 16

‘Received the painting in good condition. We are delighted with the painting”

Vikram Samse, Bangalore

“I have received the artworks. Everything is ok and its beautiful.

I have time to admire them because from today, in France, we are not allowed to go out... because of the Coronavirus epidemic... at least for two weeks and probably more. Warm regards”

Jean-Pierre, Paris

“The painting arrived safely and I received the certificate of authenticity and catalogue.

Many thanks for this. I will keep up with the collection at ArtAlive for more works in the future”

Shane Khan, USA

“You made my day, but most importantly, I feel a trustful relation.

Please find attached the wire instruction I made immediately. The credit will take few days and it should be credited in your account within this week. I don't mind that you share my wire transfer with your bank in order to speed it up on your side”

Arthur Mattli
Embassy of Switzerland



“Paintings are finally here. Thanks to you and the team for packing it really well. Have a good day. Best”

Sheeba Aghi. USA

‘A Private Universe- Sakti Burman’

‘The Gallery looks gorgeous – what a great way to inaugurate its publication with Sakti Burman’s amazing art! Hope the look remains”

Ratnaboli Bose,Kolkata

“Nice, thanks to gallery for this beautiful Exhibition”

Ankeet Crejer – Mumbai


‘Art Now16’

“Amazing and brilliant collection”

Ankeet Crejer – Mumbai


“After a long a beautiful exhibition , each piece makes you to stand and appreciate’ Excellent!”

D Chopra – Mumbai


“Incredible collection. Thank you for displaying”

Laila Bacha – Mumbai

‘Art Now17’

‘A wonderful show. So nicely put together, magnificent works, Congrats’

SujitBanerjee, Delhi
Former Secretary, Min. of Tourism.

Govt. of India

‘Excellent show made even better by the presence of few carefully chosen young artists. Thank you’

Ashish Nandy. Delhi
Social Theoristand Critic.

‘Art Now18’

It’s really a brilliant show. It has created a history; the show depicts how artists are moving from place to place and from time to time. I like the show, it’s an interesting combination of young and senior artists. The manner of display of the show is very interesting’

Adwaita Gadanayak,
Dir.Gen. NGMA

‘It is a very good show, most of the artists are legends now. I have seen them grow.

Sunaina has always had a very keen eye and she is also very hard working .

Art Alive gallery is one of the few galleries which works very hard and also understands what it does. It doesn’t just sell paintings. It works with artists to create a particular type of show.’

Maneka Gandhi,

Member of Parliament

‘You Will know me : Migration Stories’

‘Wonderful and stimulating and moving – we need more of such strong and sensitively curated shows : Congratulations !!’

Anita Dube , Artist

‘Wonderfully integrated community of artists’

Vivan Sundaram, Artist

‘Great show, a breath of fresh air in these political times ‘

KT Ravindran,Artist

‘Just wonderful, as stimulating poetic & political’

Ayisha Abraham, Artist

‘Very exciting and absorbing show – Very touching’

Jogen Chowdhury, Artist

‘Beautifully conceived show. Thank you’

Geeta Kapur, Art Historian

‘Moving and full of diverse insights, a rich show of material, migration and memory’

Yashodhara Dalmia, Art Historian

‘This is an impressive exhibition focused on an important cultural, economic and political issue.’

Arvind Garg, New York

‘Thank you for this ! A very moving show indeed.”

Shukla Sawant, Professor,

Visual Studies, JNU

‘Great Show ‘

Mithu Sen, Artist

‘ Terrific !!’

Ram Rahman, Artist

‘ What a wonderful show ! The works are very sensitive and delicate’

Director, Art Heritage

Director, Art Heritage

‘Has transported to another world, somewhere far, or within, warmest congratulations on a brave & brilliant show’

Ina Puri,

Curator & Writer

‘Congratulations to the curator, the artists and the Gallery for a very fine show which is also eminently relevant go our times’

Ranbir Kaleka, Artist

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